Terminal services

Vilnius, Skaidiskes, Sodu str.10
(9 km from Vilnius Airport, 20 km to the border with Belarus)

- Fenced area of 2 hectares (guarded 24 hours a day);
- 1300 m² free warehouse;
- 1,000 m² customs warehouse;
- Working hours upon agreement;
- Possibility to service cargo at branch  railway line.

Kaunas, Terminalo str. 6,  Biruliskiu village, Kaunas district (7 km to the Kaunas airport).

- A logistics center with an area of 6,000 square meters (customs and free warehouses, free economic zone);
- Branch railway line;
- Fenced guarded area (guarded 24 hours a day);
- Customs post;
- Large ground for vehicles and oversized cargo.

 Klaipeda, Nemuno str. 24 (next to the Klaipeda port) 

- A logistics center with an area of 8,000 square meters (customs and free warehouses);
- Storage of goods under temperature regime (-15 / -25, + 2 / + 8, normal goods);
- Large ground for vehicles and oversized cargo;
- Territory is guarded 24 hours a day;
-  A customs post is nearby.

  Terminal services in Western Europe and the CIS countries
The following services are provided at terminals:
Warehousing of transit and free cargos;
- Mechanical unloading / loading (cargos of different weight and size);
- Manual unloading / loading;
- Weighing, measuring, palletizing, consolidation of cargos, gluing of stickers (printing), photographing, warehousing of temperature sensitive (small) cargoes as well as other services provided in accordance with customer needs.
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